2019/2020 School Improvement Offer

The School Improvement Offer is a government program created to assist struggling schools via extra funding and help from NLEs. To be eligible, a school must be one of the following:

  • enter the 2019/20 academic year with a ‘requires improvement’ (RI) judgement for overall effectiveness, or
  • receive a ‘requires improvement’ judgement during the 2019/20 academic year

Schools already receiving support under the 2018/19 academic year offer will not normally be eligible for the 2019/20 offer. However, where a school has taken up the 2018/19 offer and subsequently receives a RI judgement that results in it meeting the eligibility criteria for another tier, it will become eligible for that additional support.

Tiers are used to determine the amount of support an eligible school can receive and, for the 2019/20 offer, the tier of support a school receives will depend on its Ofsted inspection history.

Tier 1 – Schools with a single RI judgement

Tier 2 – Schools with two consecutive RI judgements or schools that receive an RI judgement on their first inspection (where they have no previous published Ofsted rating)

Tier 3 – Schools that currently have a RI judgment and have not been rated above RI since 2005, across a minimum of 4 inspections

If a school is eligible, they will be offered up to 3 days of free advice from a designated national leader of education (NLE) or equivalent. Tier 2 schools will be offered up to £16,000 of funded support to address the needs identified by the NLE. Tier 3 schools will be offered up to £24,000 of funded support to address the needs identified by the NLE.

The DfE will contact local authorities and academy trusts about schools that provisional data suggest are eligible for support. Schools will receive support once their eligibility has been confirmed by the published schools’ performance data. All funded support will be delivered within three terms of the actions being agreed.

The part played by the Teaching School Council in this Offer is to ensure that eligible schools are provided with the best support possible. Not only will we be coordinating the assistance given, but it is our role to designate appropriate NLE’s to schools where their help is needed most.

A video example of a RAF completion for NLEs can be found here