Application rounds for National Leaders of Governance – 2017

National Leaders of Governance Key dates for 2017: To ensure continued capacity amongst National Leaders of Governance (NLG), we're launchinga new designation round on 27 March, which will close on 28 April 2017. This round will be targeted at those parts of the country where we know there are currently not enough NLGs to support the schools that need support most. Are you a chair of governors,...
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How the Teaching Schools Council supports system led improvement – 3 key commitments

Every child is entitled to be in a great school: Put simply there are three commitments that the Teaching Schools Council seeks to ensure: That every school in England is entitled to relevant and timely support Every school in England is prepared to be a giver of support Every school in England is in an effective partnership More on our activities can be found here.
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Specialist Leaders of Education Opportunity: Recruiting High Quality Teachers from Spain

A partnership with the Spanish Ministry of Education The Teaching Schools Council is delighted to be working with the Spanish Ministry of Education to join their Visiting Teachers programme. It provides opportunities for schools in England to recruit high quality teachers from Spain who can not only teach the language but also immerse pupils in cultural aspects. Specialist leaders of education...
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