Chair’s Blog

End of week one

A week like no other where, amongst what is happening around us, all involved in education have been developing new skills. Whether that’s navigating the latest technology or managing a curious toddler with one eye on the marker pens, we are all learning and adapting.

This week I have felt, I have seen and I have experienced a simply quite outstanding co-ordinated effort from schools, Trusts and local authorities to ensure that children remain at the heart of everything we do. I’m filled with great pride, appreciation and respect for everything teachers, support staff, school leaders and officials have done and continue to do. Effective collaboration, sharing and partnership working have been at their very best.

And, now after the end of week one – a strange five days indeed, basked in glorious sunshine – we continue with optimism that yes, we’ve got this.

Of course, this is a marathon and we have yet to pass the first marker. But what we do now will help keep us on track for the weeks ahead. Our work is underpinned by our guiding principles of leadership, teamwork, support, sharing and a strong moral purpose to do the right thing.

Praise, too, to parents and carers who are rising to the challenge of home schooling. Education spans beyond the classroom (or dining table) and now, more than ever, it is vital that children enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures, too, and feel loved and well cared for.

During these testing days our mental health and wellbeing are paramount. For many children and adults these times of change will bring additional stress and challenge. We can all help; we can help each other. We must keep talking, keep looking after self and each other because caring is the greatest life skill of all.


Richard Gill
TSC Chair