Volunteer to coach women teachers in schools

If you’re a leader and want to help more women to become leaders in education, pledge to coach. Coaching has the potential to transform the leadership journey of female teachers; building resilience, increasing confidence and unlocking potential. Coaching is a rewarding activity – not only are you helping others on their journey through leadership, but you will grow and learn in your own role and leadership journey.

We have developed the Coaching Pledge – and are asking volunteer coaches to pledge their time for free.  You can support as many or as few women leaders as you feel able to commit to.  All we ask is that you follow our simple steps below to apply to join our national register.

  • Complete an initial registration, including your contact details, location and a short profile of your experience, any qualifications and any areas of expertise.  You can complete this here
  • Follow the principles of good coaching, or follow an established set of principles
  • Keep the team updated to any changes in circumstances, including availability/capacity to take on new coachees.
  • Join your local Women Into Leadership Network.  This will provide additional networking and training opportunities, including opportunities to meet potential coachees face to face.  You can find out more about your local network here
  • Research latest thinking and access key training and resources to keep your coaching skills current.  More information on training available to coaches can be found here
  • At the end of the coaching pledge sessions, complete an evaluation (this is confidential between you and the coachees).
  • Each term we will ask you to complete a feedback survey.  This will be on programme outcomes generally and will not ask you to comment on any particular coaching relationship or anything of a confidential nature.

The registration form needs to be completed in one sitting so you may wish to have a short profile ready to go before you start.

Register Here


Once you have completed your registration, your details will be verified before you are added to the national register.  The team may contact you to follow up on any queries.  Once you have been approved, you will receive an email confirming your registration and your next steps. 

Are you no longer coaching? If you are featured on the directory but no longer wish to coach, please get in touch with wlecoaching@tscouncil.org.uk to be removed from the directory

Once you have received your confirmation you can access the coaching directory using the password that you will be sent:

Coaching Directory

Coachees will then be able to search the register to find you.  They will be able to search by phase and region and will be asked to read profiles of potential coaches to find one that feels right.  Please consider this when completing your registration details.   Coachees will be asked to make contact with you to discuss if a coaching relationship might be right.  If you wish to progress your coaching relationship with them, please ensure a coaching contract (agreement) is set up.  A template for this can be found here or you may wish to use your own model for this.

Please note that three free coaching sessions are part of the Coaching Pledge offer.  Beyond this, you are free to negotiate any additional sessions with your coachee if and as required.

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions Document for more information.

If you have any further queries, please contact us at WLEcoaching@tscouncil.org.uk

Principles of good coaching practice

Good coaches listen and facilitate objectively, without solving people’s problems for them. The most important skill in coaching is asking questions within a coaching conversation. It is important that you have relevant competence or experience to support the coaching process. You should:

  • provide a clear outline of the coaching you offer and the extent of your professional expertise
  • explain the nature and limits of confidentiality surrounding the coaching you provide
  • agree the number and length of sessions with participants to achieve their goals
  • work with participants to review progress, achieve/refine goals and conclude coaching at the right time
  • provide clear expectations about the review and exit process, so participants are able to conclude their coaching appropriately
  • ensure participants are satisfied with their coaching by monitoring the effectiveness of the coaching process as well as the achievement of agreed outcomes
  • believe in the potential for others to grow and develop
  • focus on achieving positive action and outcomes (either long or short term)
  • be self-aware, confident and have personal presence
  • be competent at working with different attitudes, beliefs and behaviours

We have some FAQS addressed for both coaches and participants – click here to download

Training for coaches

The following training modules are provided free of charge to support your coaching practice:

Mentoring and coaching: core skills course: If you have limited experience of coaching and mentoring, or wish to refresh your skills, this module will give you the knowledge, understanding and skills of mentoring and coaching in an educational context.

Mentoring and coaching: advanced skills course: If you have background knowledge, skills and experience of mentoring and coaching, this module will deepen your knowledge, understanding and skills of mentoring and coaching individuals. It also explores how mentoring and coaching can be applied across a whole organisation or network.

Other resources

Contact us:  WLEcoaching@tscouncil.org.uk