East Midlands, South Yorkshire & the Humber

East Midlands, South Yorkshire & the Humber area Teaching Schools are outstanding schools which have been nationally recognised for their capacity to support and help other schools to improve outcomes. TSC Representatives are serving school leaders of designated Teaching Schools, elected by Teaching Schools in their region or co-opted to provide national specialist advice.

East Midlands, South Yorkshire & the Humber Teaching Schools Council Representatives:


Chris Wheatley

Executive Headteacher of Cotgrave Candleby Lane School, and Chief Executive of the Flying High Trust.


Chris Abbott

CEO of The Education Alliance, The Wolds Teaching School Alliance and YorkshireWolds Teacher Training (SCITT).

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There are currently 90 Teaching Schools located in the EMSYH, although Teaching Schools work across boundaries to support schools. Click the map below to find your local Teaching School.

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Regional Infrastructure

To achieve the East Midlands, South Yorkshire & the Humber area vision, TSC Representatives have put a regional infrastructure in place. For more information contact your local Regional Co-ordinators & Key Contacts.

Ambition and Vision

  • Continuous improvement is best driven from
    within the sector by proven, existing outstanding practitioners.
  • Teaching Schools have the expertise,track record, capacity, local knowledge, diversity and passion to deliver sustainable system-led continuous improvement within and across the region at every level.
  • Every school in the region should be connected into the system and engaged as a giver and/or receiver of support.


Our Mission







Region Website

Our region has many different duties and responsibilities. For more information on our activity please visit the site

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Regional Activity

To achieve the East Midlands, South Yorkshire & the Humber ambition and vision, TSC Representatives Chris Wheatley and Chris Abott have put the following infrastructure in place:


National Leaders of Governance

A regional NLG Broker and Support manages and coordinates existing capacity to ensure governance improvement support is available to schools ahead of, and through any transition period.


Supporting School Improvement

Working alongside the DfE to deliver the 19/20 School Improvement offer to over 200 eligible schools across EMSYH.


Quality Assurance/Peer Review

A regional approach to the quality assurance and peer review of Teaching Schools across the region.






A weekly e-bulletin is circulated to the region which includes information, updates and opportunities for teaching school colleagues.









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