East of England and North East London

The East of England and North East London area Teaching Schools are outstanding schools which have been nationally recognised for their capacity to support and help other schools to improve outcomes. TSC Representatives are serving school leaders of designated Teaching Schools, elected by Teaching Schools in their region or co-opted to provide national specialist advice.

East of England and North East London Teaching Schools Council Representatives:

Lesley Birch

National Leader of Education since 2009, designated as a National Support School. Currently the Executive Principal of the Cambridge Primary Education Trust (CPET).

Jane Robinson

Became a Teaching SchoolDirector in 2013. Currently the Director of Wickford TSA & the Local Lead for North East London East Region.

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There are currently 107 Teaching Schools located in the East of England and North East London area, although Teaching Schools work across boundaries to support schools. Click the map below to find your local Teaching School.

Regional Infrastructure

To achieve the East of England and North East London area vision, TSC Representatives have put a regional infrastructure in place. For more information contact your local Regional Co-ordinators & Key Contacts.

Ambition and Vision

  • Continuous improvement is best driven from
    within the sector by proven, existing outstanding practitioners.
  • Teaching Schools have the expertise,track record, capacity, local knowledge, diversity and passion to deliver sustainable system-led continuous improvement within and across the region at every level.
  • Every school in the region should be connected into the system and engaged as a giver and/or receiver of support.

Our Mission

Regional Site

Regional Site

In the East of England and North East London area we have a regional site where you can find information about local schools events



Regional Activity

To achieve the East of England and North East London area ambition and vision, TSC Representatives Lesley Birch and Jane Robinson have put the following infrastructure in place:

National Leaders of Governance

National Leaders of Governance work collaboratively across the region to support governance by offering
support, consultancy and training services. They integrate with othersystem leaders acrossthe region through affiliation with TSAs that are nominated as governance hubs. Contact:rosemary.lovatt@teachingschoolseast.org.uk

Women Leading in Education

A national contract to encourage more women to pursue a career in leadership in education through network events, inspirational speakers and guidance. Contact: doug.brechin@lvc.org

Coaching Pledge

A pledge toincrease the number of women in leadership positions by raising the profile and encouraging region wide engagement in the National Coaching Pledge. Contact: carey.mayzes@lvc.org

Quality Assurance/Peer Review

Quality assurance of Teaching School work in the region is organised through a peer review process involving self-evaluation and visiting peers from other Teaching Schools. Contact: mark.lambell@teachingschoolseast.org.uk

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