Evidenced Based Teaching Case Studies

Evidence Based Teaching (EBT) Case Studies – advancing capability and capacity for enquiry in schools.

May 2017

Engagement in EBT: How and why some schools had begun using EBT and why some schools lose engagement – Affinity TSA

Research Advocates: Establishment of a ‘Research Advocates’ programme for teachers to enable teachers to become more confident and critical in their use of educational research – Alban TSA

Communities of Practice: Exploration of the feasibility and possible impact of establishing small Communities of Practice across the TSA based on the work of Lave and Wenger –  Aspirer TSA

Lesson Study: This study addresses the topic of lesson study as an aspect of evidence based practice – Beacon TSA

EBT Special Needs Resources: The development of a range of resources and a knowledge base that can be accessed by pupils, parents, families and other interested parties in specific areas of special needs – Blackfriars TSA

Staff Capacity and Capability: An exploration of approaches and structures required to support evidence based teaching and the conditions needed to maximize impact on staff capacity and capability – Bradford Birth to 19 TSA

Embedding an EBT Culture: The transformation from an emergent research culture towards an embedded Culture of EBT – Cotgrave Candleby Lane TSA

Applied academic research and action research: Demonstrates that academic research and the use of action research within the classroom is an integral part of the development of high quality practice in education – Greenlight TSA

Research focussed TSAs: The report synthesises the findings about staff engagement with Evidence-Based Research and the need to create more ‘Research-Focused’ Teaching School Alliances – Harton TSA

Enquiry based practice: This report outlines how the Evidence Based Teaching- advancing capability and capacity for enquiry in schools has been developed and implemented – Hull Collaborative TSA

Learning community development: The school has an alliance of 88 schools and were motivated to introduce opportunities for learning communities to develop – Medway TSA

Implementing EBT: utilising the research taking place that could be developed to increase the capability and capacity of EBT in the alliance – Millais Alliance TSA

Bringing schools into a local network: to learn from each other, to harness the best developmental practice, to celebrate the existing learning and to promote interchange of approaches and outcomes – South Essex TSA

Challenges of implementing EBT: How research and Evidence Based Teaching (EBT) to become an integral part of the schools improvement cycle – Swiss Cottage TSA

Increasing engagement in EBT: The report explores how to increase both the number of schools involved and to broaden the type of engagement in which schools were involved – Teamworks TSA

Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE):  The key focus of enquiry was to explore strategies for further increasing capacity for SLE leadership of research across the TS alliance – The Mead TSA

Innovation and growth of an EBT culture: “We needed to find a different way to learn more about engaging with evidence and about leading a school where that engagement could flourish” – The South Lakes TSA

Breaking EBT barriers: What are the conditions that need to be in place, which address the barriers to increase schools’ capacity and capability, to develop evidence based teaching? – The Wroxham TSA

The relationship between the professional and research: How this alliance embeds research within professional development programmes it offers to schools, colleges and school staff – Transform TSA