School Experience Programme

TSC would like to encourage Teaching Schools to participate in a week that aims to draw attention to the School Experience Programme. The Programme offers lots of benefits to schools as it brings prospective teachers through their doors and can play a key role in teacher recruitment. Candidates value the opportunity to experience school life from a teacher’s perspective and the school experience can be pivotal in their decision to proceed to apply for a teaching course.

Our first ‘Spotlight on SEP week’ will be W/C 23rd April. Candidates will be contacted directly by the Department’s contact centre to raise awareness, and we will also promote the event through social media and networking groups in the run up and over the course of the week.

This is an excellent opportunity for Teaching Schools to be at the forefront of promotion for the School Experience Programme and each school will have the freedom to offer individual days or the full week to candidates. DfE will provide ideas about best practice, however these are guidelines only and schools can decide the content of the School Experience to suit their own context.

Teaching Schools are advised to register on the portal by Tuesday 3rd April – as this is when DfE will begin to promote the Week to candidates. The portal can be accessed by following this link and you can create your school’s account by contacting the SEP team on the details provided on the School Experiance Portal webpage, click here to access.

Any comments or queries you may have can be sent directly to