Key Contacts-East Midlands, South Yorkshire & the Humber

Regional Coordinators provide support and extra capacity to the TSC representatives and local leads.

Chris Wheatley, TSC Representative

Kate McKenna, Regional Coordinator

Chris Abbott, TSC Representative

Local Hub Leads

The region has appointed leads across each of the 3 areas under which teaching schools are required to report: School-to-School Support; Workforce Development; and Initial Teacher Training.

Tom Banham, Barnsley

Adrian Taylor, Derby

Jeanette Hart, Derbyshire

Janet Foster, Doncaster

Andrea Tonks, East Riding

Ged Fitzpatrick, Hull

David Roper, Leicester

Inderjit Sandhu, Leicestershire & Rutland

Helen Barker, Lincolnshire

David Eaton, N Lincs & NE Lincs

Sarah Heesom, Nottingham


Paul Goodman, Nottinghamshire

Sarah Page, Rotherham

Sarah Rockliff, Sheffield

Jake Capper, York

*Please note the 2018/2019 Regional Delivery Plans are currently being reviewed and the contacts above are subject to change  

Business Support Partners

Ellen Lee

Rebecca Smith