National Leaders of Governance

National Leaders of Governance (NLG) are highly experienced individuals who give their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to schools. They are designated by the Department for Education. NLGs are recruited using stringent criteria, and there currently are about 480 nationally. Every NLG is a governor or trustee and are often Chairs themselves.

“Governors and trustees provide vital strategic direction for schools and good governance is essential to ensure that schools are doing all they can to support pupils to achieve their best. Learning from, and being advised by the best is a great way for governors and trustees to extend their knowledge and skills, and so become more effective in discharging their important role.”   Sean Harford HMI, National Director, Education, Ofsted

Every school deserves relevant and timely governance support. NLGs are part of the government’s plan to give schools a central role in developing a self-improving and sustainable school-led system. NLGs are one aspect of how schools give to each other through peer to peer support. Their role aligns with National Leaders of Education, they often work together. NLGs give schools access to experienced support from those who want to help them to offer the very best opportunities for the children in their care.

NLGs provide free (for the first 5 days) peer to peer support to any maintained, academy or free school via their deployments. Any school, governing board, chair of governors or trustees can request support from an NLG. A full list of NLGs for your region can be downloaded here.  Schools can contact the NLG directly or via the NLG school. If you know their name you can also find details through get information about schools.

NLGs offer support to a wide range of Trust Boards, Governing Boards and Chairs facing different governance challenges. The aim is always to accelerate school improvement through support. This is the same for moving to outstanding, by mentoring a new chair or vice chair, and by offering coaching and advice on matters such as clerking, finance, recruitment, training needs, or ensuring effective board relationships. NLGs work with individuals as well as whole board development. In short if it’s about governance we can help.

There is no limit to the number of NLGs or days support that can be requested by a school. It is important to remember that to enable effective deployments the school requesting an NLG must be comfortable with the person they choose; there is no issue with talking to a number of NLGs to ensure maximum impact.

Good governance has a positive and demonstrable effect on the educational outcomes of children and NLGs play a key role.

If you are interested in becoming a National Leader of Governance please visit the website for information on how to apply.