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North Region
Teaching Schools


This is the North regional page. The region operates across the three areas of:

  • The North East of England (including Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and the Tees Valley)
  • Cumbria
  • North Yorkshire

The All North Teaching Schools Collaborative (or ‘ANTS’ as we’re affectionately known) is an innovative and active partnership of schools who work together to improve learning outcomes and experiences for young people in the north of England.

The North Teaching Schools Council Representatives are:

John Hardy

John Hardy, Headteacher of St.JohnVianney Primary School in
Hartlepool, leading their Teaching School since 2011.



Jonathan Johnson, Principal and Chief ExecutiveOfficer
of West LakesAcademy in Cumbria and lead for the Western
Lakes Teaching School Alliance.



Phil Bennington

Phil Bennington, Strategy Director for the Swaledale Alliance
spread across a wide area of North Yorkshire.




Our Mission

  • to develop school staff who consistently deliver exceptional learning experiences for young people in our region.
  • to actively recruit and retain outstanding teachers for our schools.
  • to develop inspiring leaders who act with integrity, passion and purpose.

What We Do

Through regular regional meetings, collaborative training events and CPD we actively develop and share ideas and initiatives to improve teaching and learning in our respective schools.

We work together to develop regional solutions and ideas to foster, including: succession planning, talent management, school-to-school support, teacher training, supporting NQTs and RQTs in their early years of teaching and research and development.

Our recent work has included:

  • Introducing the Teaching School Peer Review system to provide a reflective self-evaluation process for Teaching Schools in the region;
  • Designing and establishing the application process for the new designation of Regional System Leaders across the north to accommodate the various emerging needs of schools across our region;
  • Ensuring that all of our region’s newly designated SLEs continue to receive high quality training from a team of 12 SLEs from 10 teaching schools trained and quality assured by Accredited Trainers;
  • Working with the University of Sunderland to offer free ‘introduction to coaching’ training sessions across the region as part of the Coaching Pledge to provide potential coaches with an understanding of the key skills required, to receive support and make contacts;
  • Welcoming over 100 guests at our recent annual regional conference, including key note speaker, Laura McInerney, to focus on recruitment, retention and resilience.


We have also jointly written an ‘every lesson outstanding’ course to promote outstanding teaching across all our alliances and formed partnerships with local universities, the National College and the Academies Commission.




To achieve the North vision, TSC RepresentativesJohn Hardy, Jonathan Johnson and Phil Bennington have put the following infrastructure in place:

Regional Coordinator

Regional Co-ordinators provide support and extra capacity to the TSC representatives and Local Leads.

Regional Leads

The region has appointed leads across each of the 3 areas under which Teaching Schools are required to report: School-to-School Support; Workforce Development; and Initial Teacher Training.








National Leaders of Governance

A regional approach to embedding support for governance into the school-led system. Contact: Julia Millard

Coaching Pledge

A pledge to increase the number of women in leadership positions by raising the profile and encouraging region wide engagement with the National Coaching Pledge. Contact:Anna Harrison

Women Leading in Education

A national contract to encourage more women to pursue a career in leadership in education through network events, inspirational speakers and guidance. Contact: Nicki Smith