Women Leading In Education: Participant

We would like to invite women teachers at all stages of their career to access a coach to help them develop their leadership skills and reach their potential as a woman leading in education. The DfE has developed a National Coaching Pledge Members Area, which houses a directory of experienced coaches who have pledged their time for free.

Coaching can:

  • give you flexible support tailored to your needs
  • give you the opportunity to consider your career options
  • enhance your performance and effectiveness
  • help you reflect on how you might behave differently to make greater impact
  • build self-confidence and resilience to find solutions
  • help you achieve your full career potential

In order to view the coach register, please sign up first, it only take a few minutes.

If you have already signed up and have been given a password, please access the Members’ Area using the link above.

Next Steps

Once you have signed up, you will be invited to access the directory to select a suitable coach. We recommend following the steps below to choose the most appropriate coach:

  • You can search by phase or region to find an initial match
  • You can then view profiles of individual coaches to find one that feels right for you
  • Message the coach using the messaging tool on the Members Area asking what you hope the coaching will help you with, etc? (You may wish to email more than one coach so you can select the one that feels right for you)
  • Once you have messaged your coach, invite them to be a match (you can only match with one)
  • Discuss your requirements with the coach and agree if you wish to work together
  • Agree your “coaching contract” or agreement on how you will work together. This should include timings, length of session, location (or if by email/phone or a mixture). An example can be found on the resources page
  • Once you have completed your coaching sessions, complete an evaluation with your coach. This will remain confidential between the two of you. An example can be found on the resources page
  • If you have contacted a coach but not had a response? Please contact us through email at wlecoaching@tscouncil.org.uk
  • If you feel change your mind about your Coaching Relationship, you are able to stop your coaching at any time, just let your coach know and end the coaching relationship on the Members Area.

From time to time, the DfE or your regional WLE lead, may contact you to complete a short survey. This will be an opportunity to express your views and let us know the progress that you have made as a result of accessing a coach. We will not be asking you to share any personal or confidential details about your coaching journey or its outcomes.

If you have any further questions please refer to out FAQ

If you have any concerns

If you have any concerns about coaches on the National Coaching Pledge Members’ Area. You should get in touch with the TSC Comms lead at wlecoaching@tscouncil.org.uk