North West London and South Central England


North West London and South Central England

Area Representative:
Teresa Tunnadine, CBE

From September 2017 I have become the CEO of a new multi academy trust, Middlesex Learning Trust, in North London. Previously I was head at The Compton School in Barnet, a successful mixed multi-ethnic comprehensive secondary school for 17 years. The Compton was an early academy converter and became one of the first 100 National Teaching Schools
in 2011 and now leads a cross phase alliance of 25 schools. I have been involved in system leadership extensively since 2003 when I was part of a team of consultant heads supporting failing schools in London as part of the London Challenge and I became an NLE in 2006.
More recently I have been an OFSTED inspector, Director for the London Leadership Strategy and senior partner for Challenge Partners, a national network of schools supporting each other. I am the current Chair of the DFE Secondary Heads’ Reference Group, who meet regularly at the DFE to advise on education policy. I was elected to the Head Teacher Board for North West London and South Central England (NWLSC) in 2014. I was elected to the first Teaching School Council in 2011 and served for two years and was then
re-elected in 2014. I was the Lead TSC representative for London from 2014-2017 and I am currently the lead for the new region of NWLSC which came into being in September 2017. I was awarded an honorary doctorate by Middlesex University in 2013 and a CBE in the Birthday Honours in 2013 both for services to education nationally.

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Area Representative:
Sarah Bennett

In July 2016, I became CEO of the newly-formed Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL), an ambitious and growing Multi-Academy Trust of primary-aged schools in and close to Milton Keynes.

I have over twelve years’ experience of headship leading a very large outstanding school, providing strong primary ITT programmes throughout this time and our Teaching School was designated in cohort 2.  I am passionate about system leadership and understand the importance of using on the ground expertise to support the performance of leaders and teachers in both high performing, brand new and schools in difficulty. I have successfully raised standards for 3 schools in challenging circumstances in Executive Headteacher roles.

I am a National Leader of Education and have reviewed the under-performance of vulnerable groups in a number of schools nationally and train colleagues nationally with respect to pupil premium reviews.  In October 2017 I was elected to the Regional Schools Commissioner’s Headteachers Board for NWLSC.

I am passionate about ensuring every child, no matter their background, has the same opportunities and rights to success. I know that this comes from creating happy, healthy, committed communities with the well-being of all those involved is fundamental to world-class achievement.  I am privileged to be part of school improvement across the region and to work with Teaching Schools in my capacity as TSC rep for NWLSC.

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As well as sessions from Geoff Barton, ASCL president (@RealGeoffBarton @ASCL_UK); David Woods CBE, Chair of London Leadership Strategy; and Isabella Donnelly, Managing Director of Grebot Donnelly Associates, this year will see a wide-range of workshop sessions including (amongst others):

  • London Regional Schools Commissioners: Dominic Herrington, Martin Post and Tim Coulson
  • STEM learning: Mike Kalvis
  • School to school support models: Paul Foster, Hayes School
  • Enhancing leadership diversity: Lessons from two Southwark Teaching School Alliance women’s leadership programmes: Dr. Kate Chhatwal: Southwark Teaching School Alliance
  • Maths Hubs: Peter Jordan, St. Marylebone School
  • TeachLondon: Jason Lever, GLA
  • Workload reform: Jane Hough, DfE workload unit
  • Social media training:Alistair Prime, Grebot Donnelly Education

Follow up with some of the key speakers from the London TSC conference:

Vivienne Porritt, National Leader of #WomenEd, looks at the gender gap in the teaching profession: click here

Professor David Woods, CBE, Chair of the London Leadership Strategy looks at system leadership and the importance of school-to-school support: click here

Dr Kate Chhatwal, Director of Southwark Teaching School Alliance shares a post on Improving leadership diversity: Five lessons from two women’s leadership programmes: click here

Tweets by London TSC

Regional Activity

National Leaders of Governance
A regional approach to integrating governors into the school-led system by assigning them to Governance Hubs so they can be deployed more frequently by Teaching Schools.

Coaching Pledge
A pledge to increase the number of women in leadership positions by raising the profile and encouraging region-wide engagement in the National Coaching Pledge.

KPIs/Peer Review
Adoption of the approach used successfully in theNorth East and West Midlands. A second cohort of schools will begin in September. Contact: Sub Regional Leads

International STEM Teacher Recruitment
A pilot programme to recruit 30 teachers in secondary maths and physics from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Contact: Sub Regional Leads

Pupil Premium Brokerage:
A regional approach to providing impactful Pupil Premium reviews and training for schools. Contact:

Support Strategic School Improvement
Representing Teaching Schools on sub-regional groups to ensure regional priorities are identified and addressed through strategic projects. Contact:

Teaching Schools Council

The Teaching Schools Council (TSC) is a national body representing all Teaching Schools in England.

The Council is made up of 20 elected members, with either a national or regional remit, who direct and shape the work of teaching Schools through discussion with government ministers and senior officials.

The Teaching Schools Council exists to provide:
• A regulator role
• A facilitator role
• An advisor role

TSC representatives are serving school leaders of designated Teaching Schools, elected by Teaching Schools in their region or co-opted to provide national specialist advice.

The North West London and South Central EnglandTeaching Schools Council Representatives are:

Teresa Tunnadine, CBE. CEO of a multi-academy trust, Middlesex Learning Trust,
in North London. Previously head at The ComptonSchool inBarnet, a successful mixed
multi-ethnic comprehensive secondary school for 17 years.

Sarah Bennett, CEO of the newly-formed Inspiring Futures through Learning (IFtL), an ambitious and growing Multi-Academy Trust of primary-aged schools in and close
to Milton Keynes.

Ambition and Vision

Our mission in NWLSC mirrors that of every TSA and every system leader across the country:

‘Every child is entitled to being in a great school’

To achieve this we bring together schools and leaders who have a proven track record of success, who have a strong passion and moral purpose of supporting all young people and who are committed to ensuring that our profession continues to innovate and create and provide a school-led system that is strong and sustainable.

Our sub-regional structures enable us to respond quickly and effectively to both our regional priorities and to national initiatives. We have built a network of local school improvement stakeholders who respond to local intelligence and are able to broker impactful, collaborative working partnerships at the grass roots level. Capacity is key and this system has allowed usto not only harness the talent we have but to nurture and
grow our expertise through CPD, ITE and School-to -School support.

Our ultimate aim is that every school within the NWLSC region is connected into the system as givers and/or receiversofsupport. Itistheseeffectivepartnerships
whichwillmake the biggest difference toour profession, ensure we have a voice at a national level and most importantly ensure that eventually:

‘Every childWILL be in a great school.’

Regional Infrastructure

To achieve the NorthWest London and South Central vision, TSC Representatives Teresa Tunnadine and Sarah Bennett have put the following infrastructure in place:

Sub Regional Leads
The region has appointed 5 Sub-Regional Leads to co-ordinate collaborative Teaching School activity in their area.

Regional Coordinator
A Regional Co-ordinator provides support for the work of theTSC Representatives and Sub-Regional Leads

Regional Activity

Equality and Diversity Programmes Regional funding for Equality and Diversity support programmes.
Contact: or

Recruitment and Retention:
Providing strategic and tailored support to those schools in the region identified by the DfE as likely to be facing the most severe recruitment and retention Contact:

Regional Conference and Communications
The regional conference takes place to bring together all system leaders to develop the emerging school-led system.