Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the leadership coaching pledge. Please note: The information provided in this form (apart from your telephone number) will be uploaded into the coaching directory and publicly available on If you need to ask any questions or amend exixsting details in your profile please contact

Please tell us about your coaching experience, style and approach. This will help the participant to select a coach (maximum 300 words)

For example:
  • How long have you been coaching in education for?
  • Details of any coaching qualification
  • What benefits have you seen through your coaching?
  • Do you use a specific coaching model?
  • What are your leadership values?
  • What drives you to be a coach?

I am an SLE
I have professional experience of coaching others into leadership
I have completed formal training in coaching (please provide details below)
Please read the following carefully:

Good coaches listen and facilitate objectively, without solving people’s problems for them.

The most important skill in coaching is asking questions within a coaching conversation. It is important that you have relevant competence or experience to support the coaching process.

You should:

  • provide a clear outline of the coaching you offer and the extent of your professional expertise
  • explain the nature and limits of confidentiality surrounding the coaching you provide
  • agree the number and length of sessions with participants to achieve their goals
  • work with participants to review progress, achieve/refine goals and conclude coaching at the right time
  • provide clear expectations about the review and exit process, so participants are able to conclude their coaching appropriately
  • ensure participants are satisfied with their coaching by monitoring the effectiveness of the coaching process as well as the achievement of agreed outcomes
  • believe in the potential for others to grow and develop
  • focus on achieving positive action and outcomes (either long or short term)
  • be self-aware, confident and have personal presence
  • be competent at working with different attitudes, beliefs and behaviours