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Women Leading in Education : Find a Coach

We would like to invite women teachers at all stages of their career to access a coach to help them develop their leadership skills and reach their potential as a woman leading in education. The DfE has developed a Coach Directory of experienced coaches who have pledged their time for free. You can choose a coach directly from the register, or by contacting your regional network and ask about opportunities to meet local coaches.

If you’re considering returning to teaching or you’re qualified to teach secondary modern foreign languages, maths or physics, the transition may be easier than you expect. To find out what support may be available to you complete the online registration form below or call 0800 085 0971 for help and advice

07836 566295

Coaching can:

  • give you flexible support tailored to your needs
  • give you the opportunity to consider your career options
  • enhance your performance and effectiveness
  • help you reflect on how you might behave differently to make greater impact
  • build self-confidence and resilience to find solutions
  • help you achieve your full career potential

Register Here

In order to view the coach register, please sign up first.

Coaching Directory

If you have already signed up and have been given a password, please access the directory using the link above.

If you have any concerns about coaches on the coaching directory, please follow the steps below.

  1. To raise a concern, a participant should get in touch with the TSC Comms lead at about a coach that they are concerned about. They should, if possible, provide full name/contact details.

  2. The TSC Comms lead will then cross-check this coach with the lists mentioned under the ‘maintenance of data’ and paragraphs 3-6, internet searches and gather any information they may find about this individual. The individual’s profile must be flagged and temporarily removed from the Leadership Coaching Pledge Directory.

  3. The Women Leading in Education Team at the Department for Education must then be alerted about this individual. Any relevant information must then be sent over in the form of a case report alongside relevant correspondence. In the case report, we would like you to provide an initial assessment and risk rating, this should outline the process that you have taken including any conclusions that you have made. Please provide us with your advice if you believe the coach should be formally removed from the online directory or not. DfE officials will consider this information and will then raise the matter with any relevant authorities if appropriate.

Next Steps

Once you have signed up, you will be invited to access the directory to select a suitable coach. We recommend following the steps below to choose the most appropriate coach:

  • You can search by phase or region to find an initial match
  • You can then view profiles of individual coaches to find one that feels right
  • Email the coach directly with your contact information, what you hope the coaching will help you with, and when you wish to start your coaching
  • You may wish to email more than one coach so you can select the one that feels right for you
  • Discuss your requirements with the coach and agree if you wish to work together
  • Agree your “coaching contract” or agreement on how you will work together. This should include timings, length of session, location (or if by email/phone or a mixture). An example can be found here
  • Once you have completed your coaching sessions, complete an evaluation with your coach. This will remain confidential between the two of you. An example can be found here
  • If you have contacted a coach but not had a response? Please get in touch with your Regional Coordinator in the table below who can put you in touch with an active coach

If you have already registered for support from a coach and would like help in finding a suitable match in your region, either through face to face events or just by talking through your requirements, please contact your regional lead using the details below.

Region Regional Lead Email
North – North East Anna Harrison
Lancashire & West Yorkshire Maxine Roberts
East Midlands, South Yorkshire & Humber Emma Sheasby
West Midlands Claire Oberman
East of England & Noth East London Doug Brechin
South Central and North West London Cristina Taboada
South East & South London Georgina Masters
South West Sara Jacobs

From time to time, the DfE or your regional WLE lead, may contact you to complete a short survey. This will be an opportunity to express your views and let us know the progress that you have made as a result of accessing a coach. We will not be asking you to share any personal or confidential details about your coaching journey or its outcomes.

If you have any questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions document – which has been written for coaches but which you may find helpful.

Disclaimer: The Department for Education (DfE) and Teaching School Council (TSC) does not guarantee the accuracy or currency of the content of the coaching directory or the site. The department or council cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. The department and council reserves the right to: alter the coaching list; remove the coaching list from the site; alter the content of the site; and/or take down the site at any time without notice. Participants, regional network leads or coaches who are concerned about a coach featured on the directory should following the three stage process on how to raise a concern about a coach and may contact . However, if you have any concerns, please contact the Women Leading in Education (WLE) team via email on

If you need any further help or support, please contact the team at