Early Years – Research and Development

Many Nursery School Teaching Schools engage in research and research projects.  Look through the Nursery School Teaching Schools for more information on their individual websites.  See an example from Alfreton Nursery School:


Alfreton Nursery School are excited to be working with Liz Clark from Turned on Its Head. Further information to follow.

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Our Creative Adventure

Ripley Nursery School are piloting a new project through Sightlines-Initiative following their recent attendance at a conference based on Reggio Emelia approaches . Further details to follow.

neuroscience-of-creative-play learning-conversations-flyer-2-,

facilitated by Dr Lesley Curtis: Executive Head Teacher @ Everton Nursery School and Family Centre& Prof Pete Boyd: Professor of Professional Learning @ University of Cumbria

Further information about the project is available from Alfreton Nursery School

Research from Dr Julian Grenier commissioned from the UCL IOE into our Outstanding Early Years Teaching Programme


Dr Julian Grenier I Headteacher I Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre I Sheringham Avenue I London I E12 5PB
London Borough of Newham
E: julian.grenier@sheringham-nur.newham.sch.uk

A Celebratory Approach to SEND Assessment in the Early Years

PenGreen Teaching School 

A Celebratory Approach to SEND Assessment in the Early Years

Workingon a Department for Education funded project, a small group of professionalswas tasked with developing a celebratory assessment tool for children withspecial educational needs and/or disability.  The results of this can befound here;


Developing ‘Negotiation capital’: influence and imagination in three and four-year-old triadic collaborative play in nursery

Thisstudy was the focus of discussions over a two-year period with family workers,researchers and parents at the Pen Green Centre for Children and theirFamilies.  Based in the nursery environment this study looked at how 3 and4-year-olds interact in spontaneous imaginary play. The focus was on howchildren use strategies to negotiate, influence and collaborate in their play.


European Early Childhood Education Research Association

At theend of August some representatives from Pen Green were lucky enough to attendEECERA in Budapest to share some of the fantastic research/work that has beenconducted recently.