Effective Primary Teaching Practice Report 2016

The TSC’s Effective Primary Teaching Practice report was published on 2 November 2016. It provides thought provoking, practical advice to enable teachers and schools to improve their teaching.


The report and a range of useful resources are available to download:

Led by ex-primary headteacher Dame Reena Keeble, and supported by a group of headteachers, teachers and experts, the report is the culmination eight month’s work reviewing the evidence and talking to teachers and experts.

The report addresses four elements that contribute to effective practice in effective primary schools:

  1. Strong leadership driven by a clear vision for teaching and learning. Regardless of structure, the most senior leader in a school takes responsibility for leading teaching.
  2. Ongoing development of teachers and teaching focused on pupil outcomes and led by evidence. Planning is purposeful and focused on learning. Teachers’ knowledge of a subject AND how children learn that subject is actively developed, using subject leads and external resources/expertise. Mastery teaching is properly understood, and with careful thought, are used across the curriculum.
  3. Making the most of all their resources: in particular, teachers are helped to use their time on things that make the most difference to pupils. Technology is used where it has a clear pedagogical purpose – and only then.
  4. Making clear choices about their priorities and organisation. Thinking hard about whether setting or streaming helps all pupils to achieve. Being clear on the use and purpose of any homework and how it supports learning objectives. Developing a strong reception year with a structured approach to teaching and planning for focused learning rather than activities.

“I hope this report helps everyone in developing their, and others’, teaching as part of our professional duty to ensure we are doing the best we can for all pupils.”

Dame Reena Keeble