Belleville Primary School


Breakdown of Resources by Subject Area

Please note that the following information was provided by the teaching school and was correct at the time of publishing on 31st January 2016. All enquiries related to this resource and the information given here, should be directed to the teaching school via the email provided by them.

We have created resources which are available to all schools in England at:

The transition from old to new curriculum with an emphasis on closing knowledge gaps for teachers and pupils on what they need to know and do in each year group. Professional Learning Communities were set up with subject expertise drawn from across the primary phases to develop carefully mapped out clear progressions for mathematics, English and ICT in the new curriculum to provide clarity for subject leaders and teachers. These have been piloted and used to lead planning from Year 1- 6 and been shared on our programmes for Initial Teacher Training and NQTs.

Senior Leaders and subject leaders undertook detailed study of the existing curriculum and the new expectations to create planning and assessment tools which would be easy to use for classroom teachers and would assist them in planning appropriate coverage for their year groups whilst also having easy-to-view progression across the aspects of each subject.

Work on collecting and sharing samples of work to exemplify each aspect for each subject and year group is already underway with the aim that this will be shared online as it is created.


We have developed a clear breakdown of the coverage of new curriculum showing progression between year groups and the aspect of the mathematics curriculum. The mapping of the previous curriculum coverage alongside the new curriculum makes clear the changes necessary for planning and assessment for teachers. It is a useful tool for assessing pupil progress towards mastery of the new curriculum whilst showing teachers detailed steps before and after the objectives for their year group to allow work to be adjusted to secure or extend the key learning in each aspect of mathematics curriculum.


Reading and Writing Continuum Maps developed to show the whole curriculum at a glance progression. The objectives are set alongside for each aspect to allow teachers greater awareness of year groups above and below their own to ensure clarity of the progression and expectations within Word Reading, Comprehension and Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Terminology.


A series of diagnostic spelling assessments for Y3-5 which allow teachers to gauge which of the year group’s spelling rules are secure and which might require further work. Although not exhaustive, examples of words from each of the patterns set out for the year groups are included and provided in a suitable context.


A progression matrix showing a model used to ensure deep coverage of all aspects of the new curriculum. This assessment guide to all aspects of ICT makes explicit the progression in expectation across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Articulating precisely what it is that children should be able to do as an year by year expectation makes this a useful tool for mapping both progress and attainment.