Boldmere Junior School


Breakdown of Resources by Subject Area

Please note that the following information was provided by the teaching school and was correct at the time of publishing on 31st January 2016. All enquiries related to this resource and the information given here, should be directed to the teaching school via the email provided by them.

We have created resources which are available to all schools in England at:

Information summary about how the resources and funding were utilised (information about the work undertaken by the school):

Funding was utilised by creating a number of curriculum teams from across the alliance schools. These teams worked in collaboration to develop and implement the curriculum that is being offered at our schools. They worked on creating a progressive curriculum to ensure that there was the correct coverage and consistency of the skills that are needed to be taught in the new curriculum. The teams are sustainable and they have continued to work together throughout the whole of our curriculum development ad will continue to do so in order to further develop the strategies, plans and initiatives that have already been put in place.

Breakdown of Resources by Subject Area

Maths/English – Curriculum delivery grids have been formatted to inform what is being taught in each year group and what term things are being taught in. All year groups are aware of what skills are needed to be taught and at what time
and resources have been utilised alongside these grids to ensure that the content of the curriculum can be delivered effectively.

ICT – CPD opportunities were created to ensure that all staff were able to deliver all aspect of the computing curriculum. Curriculum teams again looked at what skills were needed to be taught and how they should be taught, these were also put in to curriculum plans that are also on our school website. Training opportunities were organised across some of the Alliance schools.

Science– Curriculum grids were developed in the same way as other areas and we have also developed opportunities of assessing the skills and content that is being taught in this subject area.

Foundation subjects– Followed the same processes as outlined above.