Colmore Partnership Teaching School Alliance


Breakdown of Resources by Subject Area

Please note that the following information was provided by the teaching school and was correct at the time of publishing on 31st January 2016. All enquiries related to this resource and the information given here, should be directed to the teaching school via the email provided by them.

We have created resources which are available to all schools in England:

Breakdown of Resources by Subject Area

We have created a moderation tool to enable teachers and senior leaders in education to:

  • develop a common language across our schools
  • focus moderation within our schools
  • standardise our judgments
  • support teachers new to year groups
  • develop a confidence in teaching the 2014 curriculum
  • show the progress our children make through the curriculum

And for all teachers to take ownership of their year group curriculum and help their class progress towards achieving the highest standards at the end of each key stage.

The tool has been named ‘STEP UP’ – The idea being that children STEP UP through the curriculum with a clear pathway to next objectives. We have produced the moderation and planning tool to support WRITING and MATHS from Year 1 through to Year 6.

The tool was developed by Outstanding Maths, English and Assessment leads and SLEs  (Specialist Leaders in Education) from across 20 schools within Birmingham. It is now been used within numerous schools within the authority . It is a tool developed BY teachers FOR teachers. We are happy to share our thinking behind it.

A Chronology of our research to date:

2013 to 2014: Research for CPTSA in relation to Assessment without levels (AWL)– Findings published in ‘Beyond Levels’ DfE publication

2014 – 2015 : We have worked with Services for Education, a Learning and Assessment Service to develop an IT platform for planning, assessment and reporting.

2014 to 2015 : England/China exchange project – Shanghai maths – understanding of MASTERY

2014 to 2015 : Work with secondary Teaching Schools

2014 to 2015: We saw the need to develop a moderation tool. Working in collaboration with Birmingham schools we developed the STEP UP tool.

SLEs (Specialist Leaders in Education), assessment, maths and English leads were invited from across alliance, consortium and cross consortium to support in its development.

2015: Twilight ‘information sharing’ sessions held at CPTSA. The moderation tool is now being shared across our alliance and requests to share it have been coming from beyond our alliance.