Frank Wise School (Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance)

Frank Wise School (Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance)

Breakdown of Resources by Subject Area

Please note that the following information was provided by the teaching school and was correct at the time of publishing on 31st January 2016. All enquiries related to this resource and the information given here, should be directed to the teaching school via the email provided by them.

We have created resources which are available to all schools in England at:

Information summary about how the resources and funding were utilised (information about the work undertaken by the school).

The funding was used to develop supportive networks with a focus on new headteachers linked in to their local school partnerships. This was supplemented with CPD through small group collaboration and the development and delivery of a conference at the National College for participant schools. The more generic materials developed have been made available through the Teaching School Alliance’s website. Any further updates or revisions will continue to be made available.

Breakdown of Resources by Subject Area


  • Summary of Primary Curriculum


  • Presentation template for transition between KS2 and KS3
  • Curriculum map


  • Curriculum planning document
  • How to develop a scheme of work
  • Presentation slides for developing Maths


  • Example cycle of teaching Science


  • Example cycle of teaching Music

Art and Design

  • Outline overview