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Stowford School

Breakdown of Resources by Subject Area

Please note that the following information was provided by the teaching school and was correct at the time of publishing on 31st January 2016. All enquiries related to this resource and the information given here, should be directed to the teaching school via the email provided by them.

Staff worked as a team to develop the curriculum along with colleagues from the local secondary school and tertiary educational establishments. Once developed, other primary schools in the local learning community have attended a series of presentations and the curriculum has been shared with 15 other schools so far.

The ‘Stowford Curriculum’ is a topic based curriculum from Y1 to Y6 based on 6 topics a year, one of which is children’s choice. All the new National Curriculum objectives are covered but grouped into a topic based delivery approach with genres for English linked to topic and cross curricular maths highlighted. STEM projects are also linked to topics.

Certain aspects of the curriculum use resources that have come from elsewhere but slotted in to where they fit well, to make meaningful learning experiences for children.