1Can joint bids from primary and secondary phase Teaching schools be made? ‘Across the 8 teaching school regions, we expect to provide funding under this competitive grant process to a minimum of one primary and one secondary lead school per region.’ Please can you get clarity over whether this means that a primary lead teaching school could be successful with a bid to just deliver the primary RHE training and materials and a secondary lead teaching school could be successful if they bid to just deliver the secondary RSHE training and materials.Yes, a primary lead teaching school can bid to just deliver primary RHE training and a secondary lead teaching school can also just to deliver secondary training.
The Authority is also content to accept a joint bid for primary and secondary. As with any bid, a joint bid must demonstrate that they can meet the criteria within the specified word count. They must also make clear how they will deliver the outcomes within the agreed funding and how funding would be allocated between joint bidders. We would recommend that a lead school is identified within a joint bid.
2Please could you let me know if there is any access to an example of the training materials referred to in the RSHE application?The department is in the process of developing the training modules with subject experts. The training modules will be produced in power point slides for schools to enable them to adapt them to their local context and will include information and legislation (where appropriate) that teachers need to know to teach the subjects. As appropriate, the training modules will include training activities to help teachers discuss approaches to their pedagogy for example how to set ground rules for teaching sexual health or how to respond to sensitive or difficult questions. The first draft of the training modules will be shared with successful schools as part of the start-up phase.
3The guidance references ‘State Aid’ (Instructions document (Doc 1), page 3). As we were in receipt of Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF) funding (on behalf of a group of partners), does this preclude me from being the lead school?This would not preclude you from being a lead school for this project.
4Can I just confirm that it’s 50 schools trained per grant recipient for the RSE bid, not 50 schools per authority that a grant recipient says they will cover? It reads to me that if successful I have to get 50 people trained. But other bidders that I have spoken to from other areas are saying they think it’s 50 per authority they are offering to cover?The funding model is based on 50 schools per lead school (grant recipient) for their Teaching School region.
5The documentation refers to the successful bidders using an ‘agreed template’ for reporting at three monitoring stages:
• Document 2 (grant requirements) Para 2.
• Document 3 (application form) Question 6
An example of the template does not appear to be included in the documentation. Are you able to provide an example of this template report please so that we can more accurately populate associated project management costs for monitoring and reporting?
The template will be shared with successful schools with the grant funding agreement but will likely include data such as schools trained and supported i.e. teacher, role, school, school URN, region, data to show where that teacher will cascade training to etc. The monitoring report will also include a summary of the evaluation forms completed by teachers attending training and support as well as a summary of project delivery, included progress against KPIs, lessons learned, delivery risks etc.
6Is it implying that we will start with one cohort of 50 schools from May and then a second set of 50 from September? And if so, does the 25k need to cover this?Yes. The 25k covers fixed development costs for wave 1 and for a notional wave 2 (subject to the Department confirming wave 2 in accordance with paragraph 6 of Document 2, RSHE ITB Grant Requirement).
Yes, (subject to the Department confirming wave 2 in accordance with paragraph 6 of Document 2, RSHE ITB Grant Requirement)
in bidding for wave 1, bidders are also committing to wave 2 delivery.
7We would like clarification as to whether the £25,000 funding for wave 1 (50 schools) and wave 2 (50 schools) would be for schools across the EMSYH region or for schools just across South Yorkshire?‘Region’ is defined in paragraph 8 of Document 2 Grant Requirements, as the 8 teaching school regions (please click onto the hyperlink to take you to the regional map). Bidders should also ensure that they specify in section 1 (of personal details, in the application form, Document 3) the “Region/s covered by bid” so please specify what area you will cover for your bid.
8Regarding the RSHE bid – can I ask if the train the trainer model is for cascading to those that will be then taking it into more schools or just their own? Hope that makes sense.
So – we need to train 50 teachers (schools) in the first wave, are they then training other schools or just taking it back to their own school?
Those who are trained by Lead schools are encouraged to train other teachers both at their own schools and other local schools.
97 The bid guidance talks about:
a Train the Trainer model working with SLEs /PSHE leads (etc) to equip them to prepare their schools
ensuring 50 schools/practitioners are trained
increased confidence/subject knowledge for all teaching professionals trained in how to train and support schools to plan and teach the curriculum.
I have made the assumption that the train the trainer model requires us to train 50 delegates (for want of a better phrase) and enable all 50 to be able to cascade this training wider, however there is no clear commitment that they will need to train further than their own schools (or neighbouring schools at most) – which is not a train the trainer model in the true sense of the word.
The other way of looking at it is that we are required to train a smaller number of our SLEs/leads in the train the trainer model who then in turn deliver that training to the wider group of 50. Yes – it is option 1, for the lead school to train 50 schools or ‘delegates’ as you describe it.
Yes – it is option 1, for the lead school to train 50 schools or ‘delegates’ as you describe it.
10Q6 requests we “attach a high-level project plan”, so we plan to add ours as an Appendix in the bid. In order to be sufficiently detailed we presume therefore that the word count in the appendix is NOT part of the 1000-word limit. Is that correct? The 1000-word limit for question 6 includes the high-level project plan and any attachments.