South West

The South West area Teaching Schools are outstanding schools which have been nationally recognised for their capacity to support and help other schools to improve outcomes. TSC Representatives are serving school leaders of designated Teaching Schools, elected by Teaching Schools in their region or co-opted to provide national specialist advice.

South West Teaching Schools Council Representatives:

Tony Bloxham

Director of Taunton Teaching School Alliance and formerly Principal of Preston School.

Alison Fletcher

Director of Cabot Learning Federation Institute

Andrew Earnshaw

Director of Aspire Academy Trust

Find your local Teaching Schools

There are currently 83 Teaching Schools located in the South West area, although Teaching Schools work across boundaries to support schools. Click the map below to find your local Teaching School.

The TSC SW portal contains a directory of all teaching schools in the south west and can be found here

Regional Infrastructure

To achieve the South West area vision, TSC Representatives have put a regional infrastructure in place. For more information contact your local Regional Co-ordinators & Key Contacts.

Ambition and Vision

  • A self-improving system becomes a reality where schools receive timely and relevant support provided by proven excellent school leaders,teachers and education professionals
  • Teaching Schools work together to play a key system leader role,providing and coordinating outstanding, evidence informed CPLD and school-to-school support enabling sustainable system-led continuous improvement.
  • Through Teaching School Alliances and effective partnership working, more schools develop the skills, knowledge and capacity to become “givers of support”

Our Mission

CPD Portal SW

CPD Portal SW

We have recently launched our new CPD Portal for the south West which provides access to an extensive range of information, school-led training and continuing professional development from a range of providers.

Regional Activity

To achieve the SouthWest ambition and vision,TSC Representatives Tony Bloxham have put the following infrastructure in place:

National Leaders of Governance

The region has established sub-regional NLG advocates for brokerage and support. Local Leader of Governance roles are being developed to build further capacity. Contact: Tony Bloxham,

Women Leading in Education

A national contract to encourage more women to pursue a career in leadership in education through network events, inspirational speakers and guidance. Contact: Sian Kinder,

Coaching Pledge

A pledge to increase the number of women in leadership positions by raising the profile and encouraging region wide engagement with the National Coaching Pledge. Contact: Sara Jacobs

Peer Review

The region has introduced a peer review process through Train the Trainer sessions in order to enable TSA to evaluate their work across the Big 3. Contact: James Passmore, or Teresa Lawrance,

Click here to view all regional activity