TSC & DfE boundary alignment announcement 10/03/17

Closer working requires boundary changes

A message from the Teaching Schools Council.

Following recent  dialogue at a national level the Teaching Schools Council has agreed to align the boundaries of the 9 TSC regions with the 8 used by the Department for Education.  This process has already started and our aim is to ensure that a new operating model is in place for the new academic year.

This decision has not been taken lightly.  It has become increasingly more important to align our regional structures with the DfE.  As the school led system matures, which it is doing, working in closer partnerships is essential to ensure academies, alliances and trusts operate and achieve together.  The TSC strongly believes that modelling this at a national level is an important step for the future work of Teaching Schools as an integral aspect of school improvement.

We see the benefits as:

  • Providing a more proactive approach to supporting schools
  • Removing barriers so that schools needing support receive it quickly
  • Further developing closer working relationships with other DfE regional colleagues including Regional Schools Commissioners

Andrew Warren

Commenting on these changes Andrew WarrenChair of the TSC said:

For too long we have struggled with the complexities of working with the DfE where their 8 regions do not correspond with the 9 TSC regions.  As we look to work more closely with the DfE in supporting schools across the country through the new Strategic School Improvement Fund, this realignment was the elephant in the room.  In making this change we are signalling that we will do all we can to make sure that every child does indeed go to a great school.

Sir David Carter, National Schools Commissioner, added:

I welcome this move as do my team of RSC. The more work we do together building school improvement capacity across the system the quicker we will improve standards for children not being taught in consistently good schools.  Bringing our regional boundaries together makes perfect strategic sense.

Looking ahead, both the TSC and  DfE understand that this is a time of transition and our intention is to keep stakeholders well informed throughout the process.