Supporting the next generation of aspiring and existing women leaders in London: WomenEdLondon

Supporting the next generation of aspiring and existing women leaders in London: WomenEdLondon

Vivienne Porritt, National Leader of #WomenEd, looks at the gender gap in the teaching profession and why they feel it’s important to attend our TSC London event.

‘WomenEdLondon shouldn’t be contributing to the London Teaching School Council conference on 7th July.  We really wish that we weren’t there.  We wish that there were no barriers to women in education becoming leaders at all levels, including headship, and we really wish that 27% of teachers leaving the profession weren’t women aged 30-39 (2013).  We wish there wasn’t a gender pay gap in schools which means that, on average, the majority of full time women senior leaders earn less than their male counterparts.

However, the reality in 2017 is that, still, gender seems to influence at best and determine at worst, how many women educators become leaders in our schools in a profession where the majority of the workforce are women. This is why WomenEd was set up and why WomenEdLondon are at the London Teaching School Council conference on 7th July.

We connect and support aspiring and existing women leaders in education and empower more women in education to have the choice to progress on their leadership journey.  Since our birth on Twitter in May 2014, we have 11,700 followers and have developed 12 regional teams in the UK. One of these teams, WomenEdLondon, is the DfE London network for the Women Leading in Education initiative. On 7th July, we will outline the support we offer on which Teaching Schools can draw and we’ll share the details of the free DfE coaching initiative with London women leaders being able to access over 100 coaches.  We’ll share the impact we have achieved in our first year, which includes leadership posts gained, and we’ll talk with Teaching Schools about the impact we want to have to support the next generation of women leaders in London.  All of our work is based on our values, expressed as 8Cs, which were depicted graphically at our London launch event in March 2017:

Recruitment and retention issues are difficult enough in London for many reasons and we all want to do everything we can to retain and nurture the amazing women educators in our schools, including British, Asian and Minority Ethnic women.  WomenEdLondon is on a mission to do just this. We can work in bespoke partnership with Teaching Schools so, in keeping with the #WomenEd mantra, be #10%braver and come and see us on 7th July with ideas to discuss!

Contact WomenEdLondon:

Twitter: @WomenEdLondon @WomenEd  #WomenEd




Vivienne’s colleague, Bukky Yusuf, currently a Science Teacher at Hurlingham Academy and soon to be Assistant Vice Principle/Curriculum Director Science at The Crest Academy in September, will be leading a facilitated discussion at our TSC London conference on Friday 7th July 2017.


The conference titled ‘The future of education in London’ includes keynote speakers Geoff Barton, President, ASCL; Isabella Donnelly from Grebot Donnelly Associates; Professor David Woods, CBE, Chair, London Leadership Strategy and Stephen Munday, CBE, CEO, The Cam Academy Trust.  Seven other facilitated discussions will also be taking place alongside WomenEdLondon.