Visible Governance in Schools campaign: celebrating the value of good governance

To celebrate and promote the value that good governance brings to the school system and the people that volunteer for the role, Teaching Schools Council is supporting the Visible Governance in Schools campaign.

If you work with a governing board or are a governor/trustee, you are encouraged to champion governors/trustees’ contribution to the education system and shine a light on the difference that good governance makes to your school/trust. The National Governance Association (NGA), which has devised the campaign, is providing a list of simple actions that you can take as an individual, a school/trust or as a governing board to highlight governance in action. This collective action by and on behalf of the quarter of a million people governing schools and trusts aims to achieve a higher profile and better understanding of governance, and further improve the lives of children and their communities.

TSC Chair Richard Gill said, “The Teaching Schools Council recognises that school and trust governance has an important role in ensuring pupils’ entitlement to a great school, and is committed to making governance more visible within its work throughout 2020.”

Teaching Schools Council has also committed to making governance more visible within its own work throughout 2020. Visit the campaign page for further information and to download the logo and other resources: