Women Only NPQH Cohort – January 2018

Leadership programme opportunity – January 2018

Women are under-represented in headship, particularly in the secondary sector. We are missing out on their leadership skills and they are missing out on the joys and rewards of headship. We’re thrilled to be launching our women-only Headship Programme to support more women in this crucial stage of their careers.” Melanie Renowden, Deputy CEO, Ambition School Leadership

As someone who may be interested in the Women Leading in Education Coaching Pledge, we thought you would like to know that national education charity Ambition School Leadership are offering a women-only cohort of their successful and popular Headship Programme (with NPQH), in partnership with #WomenEd and the Leading Women’s Alliance.

With the aim of addressing the under-representation of women in headship positions in schools serving disadvantaged children and their communities, this is a unique opportunity for talented female leaders to gain the NPQH alongside extensive additional career support and coaching. The women-only cohort will feature specially-selected facilitators who will help to address issues often cited by women as barriers to progression, exploring topics including navigating gender dynamics, authentic leadership, the importance of role models and networks, and flexible working opportunities.

To register your interest by noon Friday 26th January to enable the programme programme provider to respond please click here, or call directly Kate Walters on 0161 667 2366. Everyone registering will have the opportunity to speak to a member of Ambition’s team for friendly application advice and support. The application deadline is then 5pm 28th January.

(A point of clarification: whilst the coaching pledge is a free coaching programme for women teachers NPQH is a paid for leadership qualification)